Are you struggling to find the time to manage your payroll clients? Do you wish there was an easier way, specifically tailored for Accountants?

Well, there is…

From Sole Practitioners, through to Multi Partner Firms, we have a service level that will suit all Accountants – We are fully flexible to provide a solution that works for YOU.

Discover how our payroll services can save you time, effort and money!

Ask yourself, are you or your team:

  • Spending too much time processing payroll instead of working on higher value work?
  • Constantly dealing with payroll queries from clients?
  • Struggling to find the right staff to process payroll?
  • Finding Auto Enrolment Pension duties have become a monster admin job?
  • Finding Payroll getting in the way of growing your business?
  • Wanting to make a profit from payroll?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then sit back, keep on reading and get ready to imagine no more payroll stress…

See what other Accountants are saying!

John Holliday

“The decision to outsource our payroll function is proving to be a huge success and has allowed key members of staff to be available at critical times of the month.”

John Holliday, Pocknells LLP – Chartered Accountants

“I have been recommending Payroll Sorted to my clients for over 7 years.  Most clients don’t know where to begin with wages, and get bogged down with all the paperwork, but for a reasonable monthly fee they get all the returns filed with no time or effort needed from them, freeing them up to run their business.”

Heidi Gorridge, Kelly & Company Chartered Accountants

We know that Accountants work their assets off

When it comes to payroll there really is no need!

Payroll can be time consuming, and if run in house, resource heavy! You need to have dedicated employees to manage a significant number of clients, and this can be a drain on your time and resources. Plus it means if your key members of payroll staff leave or are ill, you have to do extra work yourself to ensure your clients aren’t left without their time-critical figures.

When it comes to being rid of Payroll and looking at your options, things can quickly get confusing … there’s offshoring, outsourcing, silent Partner, white labeling and recommended provider…. It can become a head scratcher for sure….we have done it every which way…..and from experience, we know that keeping things simple is often better.

So…..we have one simple, transparent solution that works for almost all Accountants.

Your Outsourced Payroll Department

For Who

For the Accountant that wants to offer an ‘all encompassing’ service, but without the need to invest in payroll staff, training, software, creating systems and keeping up to date with legislation.

Client Perspective

Fully transparent to your end client. We effectively become your fully-endorsed payroll solution.


Our team will work directly with your clients to handle all payroll related communications. You don’t need to get involved at all! Rest assured, we will inform you straight away of anything that we think you need to know about such as any additional charges or client concerns.

Each client will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager.


Our engagement is with you, our Partner, not directly with the end client.


At the start of each new tax month, you will receive a simple breakdown confirming the employee numbers per client along with the supporting invoice. This is designed for ease, for you to easily pass the charges onto your end clients as part of your own invoicing process.

Quality Assurance

We operate controlled systems and checklists to help us deliver the best possible service and a further quality control is in place before we press send on any payrolls going out the door! 

What’s Included?
  • Fixed/variable payrolls – processed at the same fee
  • All Pension admin duties (uploads, opt in/outs etc)
  • Self Service Portal
  • Starter/Leaver processing (no extra charges)
  • All client communication (including timesheet chaser, query/question handling, sign off chasers…)
  • Sign Off Process – one opportunity to make changes at no extra charge.
  • All statutory payments and AOE’s
  • Comprehensive payroll reports every pay period
  • All year end duties
  • A real time visibility dashboard – allowing you a status overview of your client’s payrolls
  • End client has a dedicated Account Manager
  • Free support (within the above remit)

“Why doesn’t Payroll Sorted offer a full White Label solution?”

Time to level with you…. we have offered various formats of outsourcing over the years, including a ‘White Label’ service that offered calls and emails being branded and answered as the Accountant’s business name – but we stopped it. We’re Payrollers not performers or actors and when operating under a white label arrangement we have to pretend to be something we’re not…. an employee of your business.

These days, clients don’t want to be mislead, they want to know how and where one of there most critical business functions is being undertaken. Throw data security into the mix and ultimately clients want to know who has their data.

From first hand experience we have seen client relationships can break down if a client finds out (without being told upfront) that their Accountant has outsourced their payroll.

I hear you ask….”That all sounds great, but how do we tell our clients about our decision to outsource?”

Just tell them! Yes, it really is that simple.

Explain – payroll has developed over time in complexity and legislation, it is getting harder and harder to find great payrollers, and rather than compromise on the service you have partnered with the experts to ensure their staff will get accurately paid and they get everything they need as an employer on time!

To help – we have even designed an email template that you can use to communicate with your clients. Once you are on board with us, we are happy to share it and you can tweak it to suit your own language… we’re helpful like that 🙂

Making payroll profitable – the power of outsourcing.

A payroll service is profitable if you can sell it for more than it costs you to do the work. YOU don’t need to be an Accountant to understand that concept…

But, imagine a world where you could charge your client from a ‘Pre Set’ payroll pricelist and have no involvement with payroll again whilst still being guaranteed to make a passive profit of 20%? This is the ‘Profit from Payroll‘ model that we share with Accountants. Too many Accountants are charging incorrectly for Payroll. We’ve lost count of the number of times clients have told us “Payroll is a loss leader” we don’t charge correctly for it.

So how can you profit?

First, we share our price list with you. This is a price list we have used for the last 2 years and have signed up over 500 clients with across the UK. They are ALL paying these prices.

Next, the magic happens…every time you sign up a new client, you simply pass them over to us for their payroll needs and we charge you 20% less than the price list. There’s your passive income from the outset!

How we ensure the highest levels of Payroll quality?

At Payroll Sorted the quality and accuracy of our work is our top priority, we really hate mistakes !!!

Here are just some of the steps taken to ensure YOU and YOUR clients receive the best payroll service out there.

Call 01268 833 070

The Team…

All our fabulous team members are Payroll professionals but that’s only the starting point, each team member gets trained the same way and goes through the same system and culture embedding process regardless of experience.

Why? For consistency… we aim to deliver the same experience and a repeatable outcome to each of our clients.

The Processing Checklist…

Every payroll processed by us follows the same process – We have a 20-point processing checklist, this gets used for EVERY Payroll. It ensures we stay on track and makes each team member accountable for following our process.

We have built our business on checklists… we like checklists so much we even included a ‘Check Box’ within our Logo.

Quality Control

Undertaken by our dedicated Payroll checkers, every payroll is inspected, quality controlled and validated prior to being sent out the door. We even have our own internal warning system for error alarms (this is actually on our office wall).

Behind the systems

Yes, it might sound ‘boring’ but we are a system lead business. Our internal procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure we provide our clients with the best service. Things change quickly in Payroll so adapting to changing legislation or clients’ circumstances is something we have become very good at over the years.

We believe in our ‘System of work’. Our model is based upon us working smarter. Everyone knows what is expected of them and more importantly, it ensures we provide a consistent, quality service for all our clients.

Scheduling Tool

It started off with an Excel sheet. Yep seriously we somehow used to manage pay deadlines and scheduling of work this way…but it wasn’t easy and thankfully we’ve up’d our game and now have bespoke designed CRM software that helps us track everything, from DOC deadlines to dates when payslips needs to be sent, this   ensures we never miss a deadline. Our system is sophisticated, and slick, but what’s more it provides us with complete transparency and control over our business and therefore our service. We are pretty pleased with ourselves on this front :).

Your Visibility Dashboard

Linked in to our scheduling tool, we have built a high level visibility dashboard for you to access in real time (if you want) just to check in on where we are with your client’s payrolls!

More happy Accountants

“The Payroll Sorted team have been fantastic in supporting the outsourcing process, helping us to manage this with our clients ensuring continuity of service.”

Julien Upson, Hartley Fowler LLP – Chartered Accountants

“We have been outsourcing for over a year now. The team make sure that my clients’ payrolls run smoothly and are delivered on time. The team are always quick to help when needed.”

Robert Hopson, Account Solutions

We provide you with Payroll Journal Integration with Accounting Packages as well.

We can include Payroll Journals for a number of accounting packages, including Xero, Sage One, Quickbooks Online, FreeAgent, Kashflow, AccountsIQ and Twinfield. This means we can either send the payroll journal directly to you to post or send straight to your accounts software instead.

GDPR and Outsourcing

What you need to know about consent

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the latest regulation to rock the business world. Getting compliance right will be a cause for concern both for employers and Accountants – this is how it works from an outsourcing point of view.


The distinction between a “DATA CONTROLLER” and a “DATA PROCESSOR” can be at times difficult to determine. In some cases, a company can be both at the same time. The ICO has issued guidance on “CONTROLLERS” and “PROCESSORS”. This information sheet considers the most up-to-date guidance and the impact upon Outsourced Payroll Services.

Our Stance:
“DATA “CONTROLLER” – this is defined as the “natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data”.

“DATA “PROCESSOR” – this is defined as the “natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which processes personal data on behalf of the “CONTROLLER”.

Payroll Sorted are both a “DATA CONTROLLER” and a “DATA PROCESSOR”. Within our outsourced Payroll solution the Accountant is considered a “DATA CONTROLLER”. This is further expanded on below.

GDPR and Outsourcing your client’s payroll services to Payroll Sorted:
At first glance, it would appear that Payroll Sorted is a “PROCESSOR” on behalf of an Accountant who has taken the decision to outsource the work to us. However, “on behalf of” has a much deeper meaning than just under the terms of a contract. It means that the “CONTROLLER” decides the methods and systems to be used for the processing, as well as the systems used by the “PROCESSOR”.

As an example, when an Accountant outsources their end client’s payroll, then they remain the “CONTROLLER”, while Payroll Sorted becomes a “PROCESSOR”.However, where the data is processed in a different way and/or on a different system by Payroll Sorted (in comparison to the Accountant), both parties remain a“DATA “CONTROLLER”. This is the case in terms of Payroll Sorted’s outsourced service to Accountants. We use our own infrastructure and software (not those of the Accountant) and therefore are considered; a “DATA “CONTROLLER” as well.

The Accountant outsources their end client’s payroll to Payroll Sorted; however, we process the data under the banner of the Accountancy Practice. The end client supplies the raw data to the Accountant; the contract for this work is between the Accountant and the end client.

Suggested course of action for Accountants

The is no specific requirement to notify the end client that a third party has been engaged for their payroll service (whether a “CONTROLLER” or “PROCESSOR” in their own right) however it should be recognised in your Privacy Notice that sharing of data to a third party for the purpose of processing is possible. Individual “PROCESSORS”/”CONTROLLERS” do not need to be identified unless a data subject specifically requests that information.

What do you and us need in Place?

What Payroll Sorted has in place?
In ‘Data Protection’ terms, as the party being ‘outsourced’ to, we at Payroll Sorted include a paragraph within our Letter of Engagement (LOE) issued to Accountants, which reflects the above responsibilities. We have detailed this within our Standard Terms and Conditions of Business, which are issued within our LOE.

What do both parties need in place?
None of the above affects the requirement for all parties to be compliant with Data Protection legislation in the UK, regardless of “CONTROLLER” or “PROCESSOR”. So all parties have a responsibility of their own to ensure they have paid the ICO fee and have an appropriately worded Privacy Notice in place, which includes sharing of data legitimately, but limits responsibility to processes within the “CONTROLLERS” control/remit and appropriate security measures to protect the data.

Even more happy Accountants

“Honestly can’t recommend these guys highly enough. Move to them a couple of months back and they’ve been brilliant! Night and day compared to our last two bureaus we worked with.”

Calvin Cooper – CRC Accountancy

“Payroll Sorted have been great dealing with all my clients outsourced payroll schemes. Every month the reports are filed with no fuss and I am updated. They are an amazing, affordable solution for all things payroll!”

Lewis Knight, Director – Knight Accountancy Ltd

Payroll Support You Can Count On

Our team come to work because they love number crunching! No really, they do. Support is free and you/your clients will always speak to a real person (whose aim is to make your lives less stressful) faster than you can say “Wow, that was super helpful”… just look at their friendly faces…

Helping YOU streamline your Payroll Department

YES, we want to help… so we’re giving away a FREE Resource Pack: tried and tested documents & emails, all designed to be quickly implemented within your business. The aim? Simple – to help make the payroll function easier.

What’s in the pack?

  • Processing Checklist – this 20-point checklist is designed to stop the silly payroll errors and mistakes;
  • Email Templates – use these five templates to educate clients, stopping the queries & questions;
  • Schedule Plan – take back control: implement this to make the client aware of when YOU need their instructions.