Payroll Year End 21/22 - Client Email

Hi Client Name,

Please find attached the following relating to the 2021/22 Payroll Year End:

  • A Payment Summary report showing all employees that have been employed and paid by your business during the 2021-22 Tax Year
  • A P32 report showing the Tax and National Insurance amounts that should have been paid to HMRC during the 2021-22 Tax year.
  • A PDF, containing a P60 for each employee that was employed by your business as of the 06th April 2022. This is for your records only.
    • The P60 summarises each employees total pay and deductions for the Tax Year.

Please review and check all documents accordingly.

Your ‘Year-End’ submission to HMRC will be undertaken within the next 7 days.  If we don’t hear from you before this date, the assumption will be that the above mentioned documents have met your approval.

P60’s Distribution:

Once the final submission has been undertaken, your employees P60’s will be distributed in the following way:

  • Payslip portal clients: P60's will be published on or before the 31st May-22.
  • Email Payslip Clients: P60's will be emailed to employees on or before the 31st May-22.
  • Other: P60’s have been attached to this email, ready for you to distribute to employees.

Please note: P60’s need to be distributed to all employees before the 31st May 2022 deadline.