In May 2018 GDPR became law in the UK

So how are YOU kept compliant under GDPR by using our Payroll service?

Controller v Processor ?

As an employer, your organisation is automatically classed as a ‘Data Controller’ with respect to employee data.  If you process your payrolls in-house you would also be a ‘Data Processor’. 

By using the services of Payroll Sorted as your Payroll provider, we would become the ‘Data Processor’ for employee payroll data. 

Your Employees

Payroll Bureaus do not need to seek consent from individual employees that the payroll is processed for. However, the employer will need to inform their employees that they are sharing their personal information with a third party. It is also an employer’s responsibility to ensure that their Payroll Bureau or Accountant is taking action to protect their employees’ payroll information under GDPR.

Employee personal data can be stored and managed by a Payroll Bureau, Bookkeeper or Accountant for the sole benefit of correctly paying their wages, paying the correct tax and providing a payslip. All of this legitimately falls under the remit of the GDPR legislation.

By outsourcing to Payroll Sorted you can rest assured that you are meeting your responsibilities as we are fully GDPR compliant.

How we help with GDPR?

We have created our own GDPR Compliance Statement and Fair Processing Notice setting out how we are compliant with the regulations and how we will process your clients’ and employees’ data. Click here to view our GDPR Compliance Statement and Fair Processing Notice. To enable you to meet your responsibilities, we make this statement and notice available for you to share with your clients and their employees so that they are aware of how their data is held and processed. 

We are ICO registered. Click the logo to see our ICO registration certificate.