How to transfer Pension Funds over to Smart

Some people like to keep their funds separate and others like to combine them, assuming your staff would like to have their pension savings in one place then they are able to transfer their funds over. 

You can transfer your pension savings to Smart Pension from a different scheme with another provider, as long as the value of the pension savings being transferred is £100 or more. They will need to complete the ‘transfer in form’ and email this to [email protected] using the subject Transfer In - [Your name] - [Current employer name]. They will then contact the other pension provider and check that the arrangement is suitable to transfer and obtain and additional information they need. 

We recommend that you read the smart pension transfer guide before transferring the pension savings over.  CLICK HERE.

Please also find the link below which will explain how to do so in more details and where you can find the ‘transfer in form’.

CLICK HERE: moving-your-pension-from-another-provider-to-smart-pension