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Why Payroll Sorted?

It’s a good question, the market is inundated with Payroll providers, there are Accountants offering payroll services, bookkeepers offering it and lots of people claiming to be experts and… don’t forget the software providers claiming that Payroll is a easy as just a ‘few clicks’ (If only 🙂 )

Our Services have been designed for YOU…the entrepreneur, the business owner, the person that doesn’t want to get involved or understand the ‘nuts & bolts’ of payroll !! We know that you need just 5 things when it comes to payroll outsourcing:

  • Pay calculated correctly for ALL Staff
  • Payroll delivered on time, every time
  • Someone that can answer your questions quickly
  • Minimal work for YOU
  • Peace of mind that everything is taken care of

And that’s exactly what ‘Payroll Sorted’ helps you do best. Pure and simple. Allowing you to FOCUS energy elsewhere without having to mess around and get frustrated with payroll software, pensions, Tax, National Insurance or worse HMRC.

Our Payroll Solution covers EVERYTHING to keep you fully compliant along with keeping employees & HMRC happy. We’ll provide you with a simple, reliable and cost effective payroll service for a fixed monthly fee, with no hidden costs.


The Payroll Experts

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but what we can say with confidence – whatever your Payroll challenge, our Team will have seen it, dealt with it and got the T-shirt!

Money Back Guarantee

Our Cast Iron Guarantee ensures that we stand by our word.  If YOU don’t love our service , if your staff don’t get paid accurately or on time, then don’t pay us.  We make it that simple…

No Minimum Term

We want our clients to work with us because they want to, not because they’re forced to…..that’s why we have no ‘lock-in’ period, no hidden clauses, no termination policies – how refreshing…

Help & Support

Your get your very own Account Manager. No being passed from ‘Pillar to Post’. Your Dedicated Account Manager will be available via phone or email, ready to respond to any payroll questions you have.

Simple Solutions – Jargon Free

Payroll is definitely rife with jargon and at times can be confusing, but fear not…..our explanations will be in plain English and easily understood by you.

We’re Really Nice…

We hire for attitude and train for skill. Don’t get me wrong, our team are highly skilled – but we select them because they have the right attitude and we like them, we’re sure you will too.

3 simple steps to get your Payroll Sorted:



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Once signed up, we take care of everything, from setup to handover, making the process as easy as possible!



No more payroll headaches. Leave it to the payroll experts.


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How nice we are 🙂

Calling All Accountants !!!

Are you looking for a dedicated Payroll Outsourcing Service designed for Accountants just like YOU?


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BEN TYLER – Payroll Sorted’s Owner

I Promise this isn’t another ‘Half baked’ Guarantee……

Everyone these days offers a client Guarantee, we find it funny… half of the ‘Guarantees’ made are things that we ALL should expect anyway, like when they say – “We promise a friendly welcome”…no kidding…. I wasn’t hoping for anything else to be honest! or our favourite line ,”Satisfaction Guaranteed” – these mean nothing anymore, like water off a duck’s back.

We decided to throw away the script and start from scratch… if we are really as good as we say we are at payroll, then lets stand by that fact, lets offer a ‘blow your socks off’ promise that should help YOU to make an easier decision when choosing your Payroll Provider.

Our ‘Cast Iron’ Promise to YOU

We stand by our word.  If at any time, YOU don’t love our service , if your staff don’t get paid accurately or on time, then don’t pay us. We make it that simple…

60 Days to Love us.

If within 60 days you are not 100% happy with any of the services provided and you don’t think we’re the right payroll provider for you, we will refund all your fees and actively help you find a new Payroll Provider.

Payroll never late.

Obviously you need to give us the instructions on time….but as long as we have your info, we guarantee to never miss the agreed deadline. If for some reason (being our fault) it is missed, we will cover all penalties that result and not charge you for that period.

No surprise invoices.

YOU will never receive an invoice from us that hasn’t been agreed in advance . If you do,…ready for this…not only don’t you have to pay the invoice, we will give YOU, the amount of that invoice for FREE  – even if the work has been done.

Safeguarding YOU from any Errors !!

If YOUR business or one of your employees should suffer loss from an error made by us, then we will REIMBURSE THE COSTS, if it’s for an employee we will also send them a personal apology and explain that it was our mistake, not yours.

And just a few of the other promises we make

NEVER to be the CHEAPEST Payroll Provider out there …. We won’t ever compromise our level of service & quality control measures by trying to be the cheapest…(but we also promise not be to the most expensive either 😉 )

JESS SHERMAN – Account Manager

Sign up TODAY… and YOU will get:

  • First month of Payroll Absolutely FREE
  • Any Set-up or migration work totally FREE
  • Receive the E’ee Portal/App FREE for 1 year

Typical average value £150!!


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Natalie Tipper

NATALIE TIPPER – Relationship Manager


Payroll FAQ’s

Still have a question?

Our friendly team are always happy to help answer your questions, but in the meantime here is a list of the things we most commonly get asked that we thought we could share with you!

What will the service cost?

We keep charges simple – with one monthly fixed fee depending on the number of employees you have. Use our instant quote tool to get your price now.

Do you charge an additional fee if someone leaves or joins?

No. If someone joins your company, we will set them up on your payroll as we do at the set up stage for no extra charge.

If someone leaves your company we will arrange a P45 for them at no additional cost.

What happens if we want to change something after the payroll has been run?

You will be provided with a copy of your payroll for sign off before it is run. If you have any changes, let us know and we will recalculate the payslip(s) concerned and send you adjusted payslips and reports. After this first rerun, a fee will be charged so please try to ensure your figures are accurate! In the unlikely event that we make an error, your payroll will be re-run without charge.

Will we be tied in to a lengthy contract?

We want our clients to work with us because they want to, not because they’re forced to….. that’s why we have no ‘lock-in’ period, no hidden clauses, no termination policies – how refreshing…Our contract can be cancelled at any time and we will even assist with the payroll transfer to your new payroll provider.

What support will I get?

You’ll get your very own Account Manager. No being passed from ‘Pillar to Post’. Your Dedicated Account Manager will be available via phone or email, ready to respond to any payroll questions you have. They get to know all about your company and payroll requirements. We are always there at the end of a phone to answer any queries you may have.

Do you deal with Pensions as well?

Automatic Enrolment has proved a challenge for many businesses big and small, but at Payroll Sorted, we do everything possible to assist you and to make it as stress-free as possible. We accompany you through the Pension Enrolment journey, no matter where you are in the process whether at the start or if you are already a few years into the process. Our solutions covers everything Pension related!



Just go ahead and leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within the hour! Or if you would prefer to have a chat with one of our team then do not hesitate to give us a call: 01268 833 070