We’re going to give you FREE stuff, designed to help you run your Payroll function better…

but why?

It’s one of the best ways we can think of to give back and contribute. We firmly believe that in order to keep growing in business, at a certain point, the right thing  to do is help others who are on the same journey.

​To Showcase to YOU how we process PAYROLL – in order to fully grasp what our service is about we want you to understand the lengths we go to to ensure  the quality of our work and the safeguards that are put in place. But back to being transparent – we also know that once most of you see for yourself how we operate, you will think “wow, that’s good, I’ll get these guys to look after our payroll”.

I hear you ask “why would you do that silly, other Accountants and Payroll Companies will download this and copy what you do  and never have any intention  of using your services….. ”  WE KNOW  that – but the reality they were never going to be a customer of ours anyway, whatsmore we don’t mind giving away just the ingredients (that on it’s own won’t ensure a better payroll department ) it’s the secret sauce  (our systems, culture, training that brings everything together).

Helping YOU streamline your Payroll Department

YES, we want to help… so we’re giving away a FREE Resource Pack: tried and tested documents & emails, all designed to be quickly implemented within your business. The aim? Simple – to help make the payroll function easier.

What’s in the pack?

  • Processing Checklist – this 20-point checklist is designed to stop the silly payroll errors and mistakes;
  • Email Templates – use these five templates to educate clients, stopping the queries & questions;
  • Schedule Plan – take back control: implement this to make the client aware of when YOU need their instructions.

Do you use ? If not, why not?

We use Go-Proposal here at Payroll Sorted and James was instrumental in helping us price correctly
​James talks a lot of sense and to help the industry as a whole, we believe….

Are you a member of the ?

Inspiring, Challenging and Supporting Accountants and their teams to be the very best they want to be.

Let manage your cloud IT services

A hosting service tailored specifically for Accountancy Practices

and Bookkeepers and Payroll Providers

We were introduced to Jack and his team at cloud2me after suffering some seriously bad service and service issues from another cloud based IT provided. These guys are great and do a fantastic job of looking after our ever expanding requirements. They host for over 200 Accountancy firms in the UK and are an all round awesome team.

Take advandage of the Free Consultation call, to see how they can help you.