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Would YOU like to remove Payroll from YOUR practice

Whatever headache payroll is causing you, we have a solution to remove YOU from it!

All Pension Stuff

From managing opt in’s and out’s (shake it all about…) through to pension letters and uploads to providers, we do it ALL… additionally we can take care of Re-enrolment as well.

We provide all Pension letters and even remind clients to pass them on to their employees. Every pay run we check the pension portal for any opt in/out notices, we track re-enrolment dates and position any fees with clients on your behalf, including re-declarations – no need for you to get involved.

If an employee becomes eligible we will ensure your clients are compliant, whether thats by setting up a Pension scheme, or ensuring the employees are enrolled – we literally cover everything Pension!!

Setting up a Pension Scheme

The good news is we can register and set-up the Pension scheme and undertake the necessary declarations to the Pension Regulator on your clients behalf.

We have researched the market to assess the options available to help clients comply with the legislation. Following this review we believe that the service provided by Smart Pension is the simplest, most cost effective solution.

Worth mentioning here, Smart pension recently introduced a £15.00 a month Employer admin fee, similarly to most pension providers our there. BUT – lucky for us (and you potentially) Payroll Sorted have been made exempt from this charge, so any clients associated with us don’t have to pay this..BONUS!!

Re-enrolment and re-declaration

CIS: Suffered & Deducted payments

We offer an all-encompassing CIS Returns Service. CIS really doesn’t need to be as overwhelming or confusing as it can seem…

There are two elements to it:

Contractors need to deduct CIS tax from your subcontractors and submit CIS Returns to HMRC.

Subcontractors must complete a tax return and claim their CIS refund.

Our team will happily file your clients CIS returns each month, along with all other HMRC Submissions – and guess what, we will also produce and provide all the CIS documentation they need!!

We have a handy web based form for CIS verification requests, as well as a web based portal for CIS information to be submitted each period!

Either you can provide us with the information, or it can come straight from your client.

The CIS statements/overview will be available to you for each client via your partner dashboard reports area.

CIS: Subcontractor Verification

If you are doing this in-house currently, you probably understand what a pain it getting the required information from clients to verify subbies – we have streamlined this process with a web based form for clients to use to request verifications. We typically turn these requests around within 24 hours

P11D: Submission service

For a small per employee fee we can undertake the P11d submission to HMRC confirming the benefits & expenses provided to employees that were not payrolled.

The actual calculations and workings is something we steer clear of, typically we find this is something that our partners undertake in-house and simply pass the calculations over, for us to submit. We are happy to receive the information in most formats (excel, PDF’s are just fine) ideally a summary per client would be our preference.

We unfortunately only support the P11d submissions for clients that we currently process the payroll for and don’t offer this as a ‘stand-alone’ service.

All submissions are filed through Brightpay.

Payrolling benefits

Prior to April 2016, the only way to formally report company-provided benefits to HMRC, e.g. company-funded meals, medical insurance, service awards and gifts, was to submit P11Ds at the end of the tax year.

Payrolling benefits was introduced as a way for an employee to pay tax on a month by month basis through the salary they earn in the tax year that they received the benefit.

Although the service is voluntary, companies ought to sign up no later than 5th April to use PBIK for the following tax year. The application can be made via their HMRC account.

Even if a company is signed up to PBIK, they will still need to submit a P11D form and mark the payrolled benefits as “payrolled” on the form. This is so that HMRC know not to collect tax on this benefit again.

After you (the Accountant) have undertaken the necessary steps to get this in place with HMRC, we can then support Payrolling Benefits as part of our service. The fee for this service is on a per employee, per benefit basis.


Our payment services provide a simple method of paying employees. We can support payment of Salaries and HMRC liability through our BACS Bureau arrangement.

MODULR… Coming soon!

Take the payment workload away from their clients by making payment and payroll workflows automated, faster and intelligent – enabling customer experience that’s not only seamless, but smarter too.

Apply for advance SMP funding

Take the payment workload away from their clients by making payment and payroll workflows automated, faster and intelligent – enabling customer experience that’s not only seamless, but smarter too.

PAYE Registration

We can register all new PAYE scheme on your behalf, why waste your time dealing with HMRC when we can do it for you.

And guess what, of course, we have a system to help you do this. Use our tell us form to provide the info we need to register the PAYE scheme for you. Hit submit and this goes directly into our onboarding team to do the work for you!

PAYE & Pension Shut downs

We will handle all PAYE and Pension scheme shut downs for you, we clearly inform the client of the need to shut the schemes down to avoid penalties occurring, and position any associated fees. Once they give the go ahead we undertake the necessary actions.

Holiday Tracking

Time consuming, messy and not helped that everyone has a different opinion on it…this is the world of holiday tracking.

If you hadn’t guessed, we dislike holiday tracking – not going to lie – but we do it because we have to 🙂

We offer 3 holiday tracking services and all priced differently.

  1. For Salaried Employees (using Brightpay Calendar feature)
  2. Regular Hourly Paid Employees
  3. Zero Hour / Irregular workers

Payroll Portal

For maximum security our recommended (but not mandatory) solution is to offer every client our secure Payslip Portal to securely send and store payslips and other sensitive payroll documents. Please view our Payroll Portal page for more info.

Handover Assistance

Perfect for the practice that is scaling and quite frankly doesn’t want to have to go to the pains of getting handover information from the previous providers or clients directly. We can do this for you no problem – but we do charge a small admin fee for the time spent. We keep you updated throughout the process, and if we hit any issues we will let you know and bring you back into the fold if needed.