Payroll Re-Runs - what can we do to reduce them?


Watch our video explaining what is involved in a re-run and what options are available to you: CLICK HERE


To clarify, we don’t want to charge for amendments, we would much rather not have to make any amendments in the first place J.So, here is a list of things that could be helpful and implemented to ensure the information you are sending in has the best chance of being correct and complete: 


  • Double check the instructions internally before sending the email over to us, this could be as simple as introducing something in-house whereby someone collates the payroll instructions and then somebody else checks it over before hitting ‘send’ on the email to us (if that is at all possible to implement - appreciate in all cases that won’t be). 


  • Send the instructions in one email/document - Wherever possible, send your instructions in to us in one go (avoiding drips and drabs coming in - from experience we know collating all instructions into one email/document reduces errors AND helps avoid anything being missed). 


  • Use our online starter/leaver forms - we have designed starter and leaver forms to help the process, these forms cover everything we need to know from you in order to either On-board or Off-board an employee (these have been designed to minimize queries and capture everything needed in one go - for your ease as much as ours!). 


  • Send instructions in by the cut-off date – This ensures plenty of time for processing the payroll, avoiding last minute rushes/stress. 

To re-cap, for a variable payroll (i.e. it changes every month) the cut off is 4 working days prior to pay date. For a fixed payroll, the cut of is 7 working days prior to pay date.


  • Finally, roll over missed instructions into the following pay period (where possible) - If you do forget to tell of something and a change is needed, consider whether it could be rolled over into the next pay period. In many instances, this is possible and would avoid any potential supplementary runs.


We hope this is helpful and thank you for taking the time to check this page out – we really do appreciate it.