Tell us forms – Change to deadline

Tell us forms – Change to deadline

We have introduced a cut-off date each month to action all tell us forms. Having bounced the idea around with a handful of our partners, we believe we have picked a date that should hopefully work for both parties.



April 2024

Friday 12th

May 2024

Monday 13th

June 2024

Wednesday 12th

July 2024

Friday 12th

August 2024

Monday 12th

September 2024

Friday 13th

October 2024

Monday 14th

November 2024

Tuesday 12th

December 2024

Monday 9th

January 2025

Monday 13th

February 2025

Wednesday 12th

March 2025

Wednesday 12th

We have outlined the reasons for this change below:

  • HMRC have stopped us being able to register schemes over the phone. This makes the whole process slower and more time consuming than previously was the case, meaning quick turnarounds are harder to achieve.
  • We don’t want to compromise on the service and typically tell us forms received towards the end of the month were impacting our busy month end processing period.
  • The quality of the handovers we are receiving from the previous providers in many cases are poor. We don’t want you or us to get off on the wrong foot with your client due to the previous provider dragging their heels in supplying the information and us struggling to get it over the line.

Positioning with your NEW Client

Our suggestion would be, that if you are sitting down with a new client after the 16th of the month, that it is explained that the time frame for getting that months payroll handed over and processed is too short a window. Here are some of the suggestions on how to position this with clients from some of our partners:

  • For an existing payroll, either the existing provider or the client (depending on the current situation) would complete that periods pay run. Once that pay run is finalised, handing over to us allowing plenty of time to get everything in place for the next pay period.
  • For a clients requiring a new PAYE scheme registration, provisional amounts could be paid and swept up in the first pay run in the following month if necessary.

Quick Access to the ‘Tell us form’

You can find our Tell us form on your partner dashboard area or via this link: