Whether you need HR services for support with employment contracts, managing disciplinaries or anything else on your journey as an employer, we can put you in contact with the company that can HELP.

We’re really good at payroll….it’s what we do day in, day out.

However sometime the lines between payroll and HR can get blurred but we keep it simple, we’re not an HR company, we don’t make out to be an HR company and when we get asked HR or employment law questions, we hold our hands up and say ‘It’s outside of what we do’ but we want to help…. so we went and researched the market to assess the options available to help our clients when they need that HR advice or support we believe that the service provided by Peninsula will typically help any type of business, from a startup that needs help with Employment Contacts through to large organisations requiring assistant with employee disputes.

If you are thinking of outsourcing HR completely or just need help with a one-off project, their HR services and employment law solutions will support you in achieving your business goals.

Peninsula, have an excellent website which tells you everything you need to know in straightforward terms – click here to view.

But we have gone one step further !!!

Giulio Ricci, our local Account Manager, has agreed to offer a complimentary, 1 hour meeting with our clients to provide up to date, compliance and legal advice on the key issues facing all employers.

We really recommend taking him up on the offer… if you are facing challenges such as:

  • Contracts / Employee handbooks
  • Changes to contractual terms
  • Working with sub-contractors, self-employed or zero hours employees
  • Shortage of work and any other HR, employment law and H&S issues.

Feel free to contact Giulio directly to arrange your FREE 1 hour meeting:

Tel: 07980 904 357
[email protected]

Who are Peninsula?

The small business owner’s HR choice

Why do more than 36,000 SME owners and employers in the UK and Ireland rely on Peninsula?

Because we become an extension of your small business—whether that’s to support your in-house HR people or to be your HR people.

So whenever you need help with day-to-day matters like handling staff lateness, or you face life-changing decisions like making redundancies, Peninsula guides you through it while keeping you safe in the eyes of the law.

And throughout it all, you keep control of your small business.

Total HR Support in four simple steps

To build on your success, your small business needs four HR essentials in place. We take care of each one for you, updating them every time the laws change.

  • Documentation: Get watertight staff contracts, a company handbook, custom policies and any other legal documents you need.
  • HR tools: You get the UK’s most popular HR software for SMEs: BrightHR. Use it to log annual leave, track lateness, make and share rotas, and even store an infinite amount of documents securely in the cloud.
  • 24-hour HR advice: Call our CIPD-qualified advisors as much and as often you like for advice—no matter how big or small the problem—and be confident you’re getting the right answers.
  • Optional legal insurance: Enjoy protection against claims of unfair dismissal and indirect discrimination for as much as £2 million. For full details, download our Irwell Insurance Policy, IPID, Irwell Privacy Policy, and our Treating Customers Fairly Policy

Health & safety made easy

Health & safety isn’t your top priority. But that’s okay…

No one starts a small business because they’re passionate about health & safety. That’s why Peninsula takes care of it for you…

We build a health & safety system for your business that helps you meet UK laws and keep your people safe.

So, you’re free to focus on your top priority: being even more of a success.

Total health & safety support

Peninsula’s workplace health & safety services give you everything you need to meet HSE rules and protect your staff. Here’s how:

  • On-site assessment

A health & safety expert comes to your site to identify your risks and hazards. Then you get practical advice on how to meet UK laws.

  • Written policies

We write your health & safety policies to protect your people, saving you time and effort.

  • Annual reviews

For each year of your contract, a consultant gets in touch to review your health & safety processes and give you advice on how to keep your business safe.

  • Time saving software

You get access to BrightSafe, easy-to-use health & safety software that lets you manage your risk assessments, documents and processes in one secure place online.