Hello and welcome aboard!

Thanks for accepting our proposal, we are really excited to have you on board with us! But before we pop some bubbly and celebrate ☺ we just need to get some of the formalities out the way.

We want to ensure the onboarding process is as seamless as possible and causes minimal disruption, it’s why we have created this page – one location to cover off everything you need to know and we need to capture all in one place.

So grab yourself a quick coffee, this page should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Once completed we will have everything we need to get the ball rolling…..

Please watch Natalie’s video to understand why we have created this page.

“On behalf on the team and myself, we are really looking forward to supporting you with your payroll requirements and getting to know you and your Business.”

Ben Tyler
Owner of Payroll Sorted.

For ease, we have broken the page in sections:

  1. *Upload ID Documents
  2. *Set-up Direct Debit
  3. *Complete On-Boarding Form
  4. Becoming your PAYE Agent

5. Employer/Employee App
6. YOUR Account Manager
7. Payroll Cut-offs and Deadline
8. Starters & Leavers

1. ID Documents

To satisfy the red tape requirements and to keep compliant, we must comply with duties imposed by
the Anti Money Laundering Legislation. If we fail to perform these duties, we risk imprisonment, meaning we can’t run your payroll ????

Please provide a copy of the below Identification for each Director via our secure portal by clicking the button ‘Upload your ID docs here’.

  • A scanned copy of your passport / drivers licence.
  • A scanned copy of proof of your residential address (i.e. a utility bill)

2. Invoicing and Direct Debit

At ‘Payroll Sorted’ our pricing model is simple and transparent, your quote is based upon the number of employees on your payroll. The agreed FIXED monthly fee won’t ever change until the number of employees change (ALL fee changes will always be agreed in advance).

We invoice monthly, in arrears, and ask that you set up a monthly Direct Debit with us, which gets collected 14 days after the invoice date.

For example: For a payroll processed in April, the invoice would be raised on the 01st May and payment collected on the 15th May.

To set up your Direct Debit click on the button ‘Pay with GOCARDLESS.

3. On-boarding Form

To ensure we have your correct company details from the outset and avoid any unnecessary delays please complete one of the forms below, here we will capture key company and Payroll details.

  • Complete FORM 1 if you already have an existing payroll in operation.
  • Complete FORM 2 if you have no payroll in place and we are setting one up for you.

4. Becoming your PAYE Agent with HMRC

Payroll Sorted will undertake the online PAYE filing on your behalf but in order to do so we need to set ourselves up as an Agent of your business. It’s a straight forward process and we will request via HMRC to act as an Agent for your company’s PAYE requirements.

Within the next 21 days, you should hopefully receive a letter containing an authorisation code from HMRC (please see attached example below). Once received it would be appreciated if you could forward through this code, so that we can set-up the online facility.

5. Online Employee/Employer Portal

We offer an online portal which provides a secure, automated and user-friendly way for both the employer and employee(s) to view payroll documents.

Your employees will be able to access their payslips via an App on their mobile device, the App is available to download for free on any Android or iOS device.

There will be a one-off set-up process that is required – please watch our video guide to understand more about setting up the portal.

6. YOUR Account Manager

Our Account Managers are here to help you with all things payroll, ensuring your payroll is delivered ontime, everytime and with minimal fuss.

If you ever have any questions or need to cover anything off, your dedicated Account Manager is your go-to contact!

Your dedicated Account Manager will be in touch with you shortly to introduce themselves and will typically be in contact with you before each pay period.

For instructions, or required changes to your payroll, please use [email protected] – we work using a centralised mailbox where your Account Manager will pick up and action your emails.

** We aim to answer ALL emails within a 4 hour window or if super urgent just give us a call and we will be happy to help **

Put a face behind the emails and find out more about our fantastic Account Managers here

7. Payroll Cut-offs and Deadline

Below is a table showing our Payroll cut off deadlines for both receipt of the information relating to your payroll and our own deadlines for returning the Payroll to you. These are the deadlines that we have found over the years work best for most clients, however we understand that they don’t work for everyone and do offer some flexibility around this. Unless we are informed otherwise from you though, we will automatically work to these below:

Payroll TypeWhen do we need your Payroll instructions by?When will we return your payroll to you by?
Monthly Variable4 days2 days (or sooner) prior to your Payday / BACS Deadline
Monthly Fixed7 days2 days (or sooner) prior to your Payday / BACS Deadline
Weekly Variable3 days2 days (or sooner) prior to your Payday / BACS Deadline
Weekly Fixed4 days2 days (or sooner) prior to your Payday / BACS Deadline
(***no. of days prior to Payday / BACS deadline)

8. Starters & Leavers

Please use our dedicated starter and leaver forms below to notify us when you have a new employee join or an employee leave.

Both forms are straightforward, and capture all the info we require to successfully onboard/offboard an employee.

When you complete each form, you will also be emailed a copy for your records as well..