The top reasons our clients give for switching to Payroll Sorted:

  1. “Mistakes are constantly made, causing me embarassment with my employees”
  2. “I never deal with the same person more than once, I am constantly passed from pillar to post”
  3. “Nobody seems to care about my payroll, they never return my calls and rarely respond promptly on queries”
  4. I keep receiving unexpected invoices for charges I haven’t agreed
  5. I spend so much time dealing with their forms and questions I sometimes wonder what I’m paying for”

Sound familiar? We always take these reasons on board, and use the information to build upon our service levels – so you would never hear the same complaints from a Payroll Sorted client!

Looking After You Is Our Priority

We understand that if you’ve been burnt once, you might be put off choosing another outsourcing service, and might be tempted to try bringing it in-house. But I’ll back up our promises by guaranteeing that you’ll love our service – or your money back!

With such a guarantee, you can rest assured knowing we’re going to be doing everything we can to make sure your life is as stress free as possible!

Is It Hard to Switch Payroll Providers?

Some people put off switching payroll providers because they’re afraid the transition will be too difficult, disruptive and time-consuming.  To make it easy, we’ve broken the process down into simple steps and we’ve done it loads of times 🙂

How to Switch:

With your new payroll company (US) ready and waiting 🙂 you are ready to get going!! These are the simple steps that we will guide you through:

Step 1: Talk to your current provider and let them know you are switching to your awesome new provider. To help we can even provide you with an email ready for you to forward on.

Step 2: We will get in touch with your old provider requesting all the payroll handover information we need to get you set up on our end!

Step 3: Our onboarding team will migrate all of your payroll data ahead of your first pay date with us!


You can switch provider at any point during the tax year! We will simply migrate the year to date figures for you!

Why are we different?

Our Services have been designed for YOU…the entrepreneur, the business owner, the person that doesn’t want to get involved or understand the ‘nuts & bolts’ of payroll !!

We know that you need just 5 things when it comes to payroll outsourcing:

1. Pay calculated correctly for ALL Staff

2. Payroll delivered on time, every time

3. Someone that can answer your questions quickly

4. Minimal work for YOU

5. Peace of mind that everything is taken care of

And that’s exactly what ‘Payroll Sorted’ helps you do best. Pure and simple.

Allowing you to FOCUS energy elsewhere without having to mess around and get frustrated with payroll software, pensions, Tax, National Insurance or worse HMRC. Our Payroll Solution covers EVERYTHING to keep you fully compliant along with keeping employees & HMRC happy.

All work provided is for a FIXED FEE, meaning you will never receive any unexpected bills from us.

Oh….and did we mention NO contract term – you aren’t tied into anything, and there is NO notice period. That’s how confident we are that you will love our service.

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