As a growing payroll bureau, we are currently looking at opportunities to acquire additional clients from existing practices/bureaus.

If YOU are Payroll provider and any of the below are applicable to you, then we would love to hear from you:

  • Are you looking  to retire soon?
  • Have you accepted a new job?
  • Are you looking to wrap up or slow down your business?
  • Have you got too much work and struggling to manage your client base?
  • Have your family commitments changed, making managing your workload difficult?
  • Or are you suffering with ill health and need to make some life adjustments?

Whatever your circumstances, if you are looking to exit the payroll industry we can help you to make that move!

Selling your business is fast and easy with us. We have great experience with acquisitions and your clients will be in safe hands with our friendly and experienced team!

Let’s start with a coffee and a chat

The starting point is to sit down and work with you to understand what you want to achieve and if we can help. If that means you want to sell your entire client base or perhaps just a handful of clients, we are always open to any option.

If you want out immedately or to slowly phase out your involvement, we have typically always been able to find ways to make any arrangement a win/win for all concerned, including your clients…

We have acquired banks of clients in all sorts of different ways, including making up-front payments or payments spread over a number of years. We like to be flexible when it comes to finding a mutually beneficial solution.

Case Study 1:

Janet, looking to wind things down.

Janet was an Essex based bookkeeper, working from home, she had built up her client base over a 5 year period.  We contacted Janet in the same way that we are contacting YOU now, and by chance she had reached a stage in her life where she was looking to wind things down.

Her client base consisted of 26 clients, a mix of Bookkeeping and Payroll. Janet wanted to rid herself of the payroll work but maintain the Bookkeeping side of things, so our arrangement worked perfectly for her.

For Janet, the key consideration was that she wanted a phased out process to ensure minimal disruption for her clients. We worked closely with Janet to assure her clients that the level of service they had become accustomed to would continue as normal and that the change would cause as minimal disruption to them as possible. Janet continued to work alongside us as she phased out her exit and all clients were fully transitioned for payroll services.

Case Study 2:

Richard, making a career path change

Richard had his own payroll bureau for 8 years, however, when approached by a local company looking for an in-house Payroller, the idea of a secure position appealed to him and he accepted. Understandably, he couldn’t continue his own business in parallell, so Richard contacted a number of local Accountants and payroll companies with a view of selling on his client base before starting his new role. After much thought, he selected Payroll Sorted and quickly began the process of moving his client base across.

As with all our acquisitions, we worked closely with Richard to contact his clients and inform them of the change of ownership, talk them through our service and reassure them that there would be no impact on them.

Natalie Tipper


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