Streamlining the on-boarding process

As we develop our systems further, we are doing everything possible to make on-boarding your clients payrolls with us as easy as possible for you. We started with our Tell Us Forms, and now we have introduced our queries page, which I am going to tell you about now 🙂

How on-boarding currently works:

At the moment, you can see the high-level data we hold for your clients, where we are with your clients’ payroll each pay period, and access the payroll reports we generate for your clients via your visibility dashboard. However, when it comes to the on-boarding process, the transfer of data and discussion of queries we may have is still done all via email (once a new client form has been submitted via our Tell Us Form).

What have we introduced to help improve this process?

To try and eliminate the many threads of emails you get from me and my team for each client, we have developed another feature within your partner dashboard called a “Queries” page.

From here, we can open an item for each client you send our way, which allows you to send data (reports, CSV files, software backups etc…) more securely.

It also enables a chat box feature that allows us to keep back and forth queries in one area. It’s bloody brilliant in my opinion having trialed with the a few partners this month!

How it works:

Well, basically we will inform you that we opened a query or replied to your message in the chat via email still (we get an internal notification when you reply to us, so you don’t need to email us too).

Although you will still get the notification emails to point you to the queries, this will be minimal and will centralise all the communication in relation to the new client in one place, which inevitably makes things easier and more streamlined in terms of a handover.

When is this going live?

We plan to roll this out from April, so for new clients you send our way will utilise this feature.

I have provided a brief (incredibly cringy) Loom demo below for you to enjoy!

We plan to roll this out from April, so new clients you send our way will utilise this feature. I have attached a brief (incredibly cringy) Loom demo below.