Why Outsource?


The fact that you are visting this page, is a good sign for us that you realise the decision to outsource your payroll is the RIGHT one!

Not only does outsourcing save you time, it relieves you of the administrative and financial burden of doing it in-house. Fear of non-compliance and late submission fines since RTI came into place are pushing many business owners to outsource – why would you spend your time understanding the ins and outs of payroll or having the ongoing committment of an employee, when you can outsource for a fraction of the cost, to experts.

All of that said, we’re only too aware that not all payroll outsourcing relationships are the same. Only too often, new clients come to us because they’re unhappy with the service previously provided by their payroll company. The sad thing is, these clients have typically waited until they (pretty much) can’t take any more before making the move.

When we have a new client who’s switched to us, we make a point of asking them what the issues were and more importantly why they didn’t move sooner?

These are the top reasons our clients have given to us for switching to Payroll Sorted:

“Nobody seems to care about my payroll, they never return my calls and rarely respond promptly on queries”
“Mistakes are constantly made, causing me embarassment with my employees”
“I never deal with the same person more than once, I am constantly passed from pillar to post”
“I spend so much time dealing with their forms and questions I sometimes wonder what I’m paying for”

We always take these reasons on board, and use the information to build upon our service levels – so you would never hear the same complaints from a Payroll sorted client!

We use this information to constantly improve on our service, ensuring we are the best payroll provider out there!

We understand that if you have been burnt once, you might be put off choosing another outsourcing service, and we are well aware how many of us there are out there, which is why we offer our guarantees, so that you can be as confident as we are!

If you make the right choice, and select us as your payroll provider, we will make the rest as hassle free as possible for you. Provide us with your current providers details and we will contact them to obtain your payroll information. We will talk you through our payroll cycle so you are clear on exactly what we do. We will introduce you to our payroll team so that you always have dedicated points of contact, who know you, your business and are always available to provide you with the support you need.

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The decision to outsource or keep in house can be a confusing one. Many software packages make it look easy to self manage, however we often take on new clients that have tried and failed to implement these systems in house, due to complexity, user friendliness or cost of upgrades. Outsourcing removes these concerns, and allows your staff to focus on your core activities and growing your business for you.

When considering outsourcing, consider the following carefully and make the right choice:


Is Payroll the best use of your staffs time? Understanding and keeping up to date with legislation is a big ask, and payroll is a time consuming process. Why not save time and outsource to the experts in the know.

Accuracy & Reliability

Payroll has to be delivered on time, every time, with zero errors. Outsourcing to a provider that offers a money back guarantee gives you confidence that your payroll requirements will be satisfied. Failure to pay staff the right amount and on time can be detrimental to moral.


If you manage payroll in-house, you also manage the labour cost, external training, as well as the payroll software itself (including updates and support). Added to this, if the employee responsible for payroll is off sick or on leave, who will cover for them?

Outsourcing simply means a monthly, fixed fee, with no hidden costs for a fully managed, continuous service, as well as any general payroll support needed.


Outsourcing means all your staff will only ever see their own pay information, so less risk of such information getting into the wrong hands.